Monday, February 19, 2007


The wind is howling and the light desert rain wets the black asphalt forming small puddles that reflect the grey skies. I watch as Shayla stands near the window gazing out at a world that's not her own. She now wears her contacts constantly which give her eyes a human appearance. Knowing that she can read my mind even as I watch her makes her presence all that more powerful. The past few months with Shayla have taught me countless things, not the least of which has been the history of humanity on the Earth. My telepathic powers have been greatly expanded. I can now converse with her even when she is miles away, unseen. She has helped me to use telepathy as tool to seek out truth and has conveyed the importance of never abusing the ability to read people's minds.

Her abilities are tremendous and would be considered godlike to human standards. She can look at any object and tell me who has held it, where it was made, where it has been and if she tries hard - where it will be which she has explained uses another skill and reads a different field of data. She does this by reading wave forms now embedded/associated with the objects atomic structures. Each object carries with it, its history. I once tested her with a hundred dollar bill. She was able to tell me about the last ten people who held it, what they used it for, how they got it and other particulars about these people one would never have imagined could be linked or embedded in a simple piece of currency! Benjamin Franklin seemed to smile as she held him in her hand and spoke. She could have told me about dozens more, but I stopped her because she had more than made her point. She is teaching me how to do this and I have had some success, although my perceptions are still vague, incomplete and limited to stronger signals.

Yes, telepathy frightens folks and they would be even more frightened to know that every action and every thought is recorded and accessible by anyone with the ability to read these eternal signals. Folks would abuse the power, expose secrets, blackmail others, use it to acquire great fortunes, etcetera. I confess to having suggested to Shayla that we go to Las Vegas for a day and see if we could win a few million to save for a rainy day. Her rebuke was well reasoned and powerful. She has no desire for human money or things that human money buys. Her own craft and access to unlimited operating budget provide her with all the necessary tools for helping advance our technology and perform her job serving both her world and ours. What's more she showed me how material desires are linked almost directly to insecurities of one sort or another and that a quest for riches was almost broadcasting these various insecurities at a deafening volume. She used me as an example and showed me how I perceive money as a security base. Homes, cars, books and the power of money to secure these things in my name. She described in detail why I wanted money and how I even feel money serves personal relationships by bolstering one's appeal to the opposite sex. She laughed at me for holding such typically human insecurities and misperceptions and said that such fears and associations were only one step removed from the animal kingdom and the squirrel who hoards acorns for very similar reasons.

She is looking at me now, and smiling. Her smile lifts me up and in it is a slightly mischievous twist, because I realize she has been reading my mind all the while I have been composing this for this blog. She says 'hello' to all you reading this and hopes you find it informative and useful. She is reflective, returns to gaze out the window at the rain and I can tell she is receiving the thoughts from your minds even though I have not yet posted this blog entry.

Shamballa is now totally merged with Project MIMIR. I have only had to let go several individuals, and those were transferred to other facilities with no loss of wage. ODIN has been very preoccupied lately and I wonder if some of MIMIR'S knowledge is a bit too much of a burden upon his shoulders. How can one know all this and then deal with other leaders on such mundane levels? From personal experience, I know one feels somewhat like one has to "play dumb" and behave somewhat as they expect one to behave, with similar interests, material goals and desires. This "performing" further distances one from old friends, relatives and ones peers. Shayla is helping me to find a balance - one which balances how one interacts with others, refraining from harming them with too much data and which still retains the necessary framework that others can relate to. She has done this for years since she has been on Earth and her ability to read minds and feelings has helped her hone her friendships with humans and increased the potency of her effectiveness on Earth and as Chief Scientist for MIMIR.

In the time that it has taken to type this, the clouds have broken in the west and sunlight streamers give the clouds their silver linings. The symbology is not lost on me as I watch Shayla interact with me and the rest of the planet. Her light is magical and 1500 years ago she would easily be confused for a goddess. In fact, today, I still catch myself with similar worshipful thoughts and have to castigate myself for them, since they are rooted in awe, fear and ignorance. No gods exist - only people with vastly disparate abilities and knowledge.

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