Saturday, December 23, 2006

Back from another adventure!

Sorry for the delay. I hope I still have a few readers left. I'm back! As regular readers know, I often travel back in time near Christmas and this year was no exception. I revisited 1942 and brought back some goodies I hope will remind folks of the things we've lost. I kept a log and...well I'll let you read for yourself what happened...

Link to full size letter here.

PS I wanted to make sure the timestream I returned to was the same one I was leaving and so this time I mailed myself a letter. Guess what? It arrived today less than 24 hours after my return! The letter carrier was all freaked out and said that this letter had been kept in a 'special letter' cabinet at the Phoenix main Post office for over sixty years! They made me sign for it as if it were certified mail.

So now I don't have to worry about being in another parallel universe. Those can be VERY annoying! The sentiment on the letter is very important too! FREEDOM for ALL nations - a nation building, "freedom for all people on Earth" roadmap was the mindset of the Americans of 1942! None of this "quagmire" nonsense and slavery/dictator loving for people of the 3rd world as supported by Europe today! In 1942 the Europeans understood the dangers of dictators and now they make deals with them at the UN and promise support just to secure oil contracts! It's sickening.

More later...wishing everyone a merry Christmas or happy holiday or just a great weekend!

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