Friday, December 29, 2006

The Awakening! Part II

Shayla and I return to the craft. The secret of the flame room is not a secret to me anymore. Shayla is the one I've been waiting for all my life. I know that now. I guess I'm more liberal than I thought, finding myself a newly found proponent of interplanetary relationships.

We pass the guards as easily as we passed them to enter and before I can say auf wiedersehen we have entered the craft and are leaving Iran. I can't help but think I will never be able to enjoy flying another jet or helicopter ever again.

"You will not be sad. Now that Project MIMIR is including Shamballa into its jurisdictional framework, you will have access to this craft and others like it."

"There are more like this one out there, here on Earth? I thought yours was the only prototype?"

"This is one of 7 craft which are operational and which have been constructed. As you can see not that many are necessary because the travel times can be reduced so drastically. Already we have landed and are back at Shamballa."

I'm on cloud nine, yet I wonder if Shamballa will have to undergo another purging. Every time the facility steps up its classification, some folks are told to take a hike and I always dislike that part of the equation. Already twice now I've watched as a dozen or more get walking orders. The facility is always hurting for weeks afterward.

"Don't worry. You will have a say in the displacement process. We will be bringing a few newcomers to Shamballa and some will be like me."

"Alien? Fascinating.As you probably already noticed, I can't help but wonder just how many aliens are working for the Agency. How many know this?"

"There are a number, but it changes constantly as folks return to their home-worlds or are assigned to other planets. Probably about 20-30 at any given time. And as to how many know of this relationship that number slowly keeps increasing but is still well under a thousand."

I try and create a mental partition quickly. It is tough to stop thinking as a train of thought starts, but I'm getting faster. I wonder if she has a 'boyfriend' in that group of 30 and if I'm getting ahead of myself in thinking that our past relationships were either exclusive or long-lasting. Nothing would be worse than competing with an advanced telepath who knows your every thought as you think it and can outmaneuver you left and right. It's like speaking a foreign language and being set up for pratfalls by the jerk-squad.

There you go again, applying human behavior and thought patterns to folks who are not human and who, to be blunt, are quite in advance mentally of the 'jerk-squad'.

Look at me Tech1.
Look into my eyes.
Feel my thoughts...reach in and grab them..."

She is mentally embracing me with her mind. It is suddenly the most tender place I've ever been. Her love...her love for me is, is... indescribably wonderful. Each thought is pure and full of love. Her thoughts are revealed in depth and she allows me to see and understand the reasons why she loves me. What also is revealed is how long she has waited in this lifetime to work with me, as she has followed my career and already known of her destiny to work as an interplanetary liaison since she was a child.

My mind is completely open to her. I feel her comfort and balance my lonely thoughts. Shayla is like a healer rushing to points in my mind that need the most urgent help. And I find those same spots in her mind. Her tender mind is like an angel's caress. It's far better than physical relations. In fact, it is so much better that I realize this is what advanced beings do to show affection and that the procreation part is separated.

"Yes, you know now, again. and let us remember..."

She pulls forth some of our lifetimes together from the mental folders where they fit in. In Atlantis we shared mind too...and later in Egypt, before the Pharaohs, but after the sinking of Atlantis. We have been a team, a duo through history.

Suddenly, I pull back in my mind as I recall a particularly nasty death as we were both disintegrated by a weapon in the hands of a traitor to the Atlantean government. It seems so real, as if it has just happened, yet it was over 16,000 years ago! The shock. The dislocation.

I realize we are apart again. And then I feel her enter once more.

"Yes, that last part was not as enjoyable as it could have been. That is galaxy maxim - men on your world, or mine, always seem to find a way to bring love to a premature ending."

She is laughing in my mind, but it is a warm, loving, laugh that tickles my brain and is backed by thoughts of true love and caring.

I gaze at my surroundings and realize how much more I am using my mind, rather than my eyes or other senses. We are back and two security personnel and the acting Director in my absence, are awaiting for us to disembark. I see the night stars. Billions of them. As the hatchway opens I get to walk down the ramp with Shayla and for me the Earth does stand still.

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