Thursday, March 10, 2005

Of Super-Powers and the Super Powered.

The United States, China and India?

As population and economic patterns shift, the center of power shifts. Weaponry, manpower, resources, money - all these things are the base of national power and influence in the world.

The United States was the indisputable winner of the power lottery in the 20th century. Its industrial base, manpower, geographic separation from hostile powers and capitalist economic structure allowed the US to become the world's most powerful nation. As a result, the US has the best weaponry, the most modern navy, the largest satellite armada and the wealth to keep modernization efforts ongoing.

Nuclear weapons were first developed by the United States. The technology was stolen for the Soviet Union and not much later China inherited the technology.

The terror problem grows in a world where competing nationalities and their disparate religions, vie for the world's resources, new blindly loyal adherents, and global influence/power. Nuclear weapons are the great equalizer. A stockpile of only 100 nuclear weapons makes any tiny nation a grave threat to even the largest and most populous geographic super-powers. Oil which has brought tremendous wealth to a small segment of the inhabitants of Middle Eastern nations, shows no sign of being replaced soon. Cars, ships and planes still consume petroleum products in ever increasing proportions. The new economic power of nations such as China and India, also increases their oil consumption. Oil consumption is about to undergo a tremendous increase over the next twenty years, pushed by economic mobility in both China and India.

The man or company that brings efficient solar power conversion to market, or some other means of efficient energy transference, will be rich and more powerful than anyone can yet imagine. Many suspect that new technologies are suppressed by the powers that be and that 100mpg engines and even better lay stashed in the refuse pile at the patent office or in the encrypted vaults of large multinational corporations. This used to be the case. However new technologies are harder to suppress or isolate. Nowadays the internet and near instantaneous communication makes the man with an idea quite dangerous. Nations can no longer allow other competing would-be powers to get their hands on some new breakthrough. As a result most nations have undisclosed groups which seek out new ideas and hire the sharpest talent.

When I first began blogging, I promised readers looks behind the curtains of the power brokers and the things that occur out of the sight of a mainstream world that spends most of its time watching television or playing video games. I have tried to live up to my promise revealing things which you can't read elsewhere. Scientific secrets, political secrets and the tools you can use to free yourself from the servitude of a materially-biased "everyday" life.

True power is knowledge. As nations educate their masses and covertly embrace these specialists, they hold on to or have the potential to vastly increase their power.

Each individual is in much the same boat. Your life and its direction will be determined by your own knowledge base. There exist individuals on this world who possess their own super powers. They don't emerge from phone booths in tights and a cape, but they have much more than any amount of physical strength or invulnerability could provide for them. They have wisdom and the determination to travel new paths and explore new vistas. You may be such a super power or you may just be learning how to harness your mind and utilize its unfathomable potential.

So many endless possibilities exist for you! You are just beginning to learn of life and of the many levels of life which have been completely unrecognized by you until now! Many of you will do great things, and yet as great as they may be, they will be made possible by your own growth and your own wisdom.

My job is to spread some ideas. If you're here, reading this, there's a good chance they'll have some use to you now or in the future.

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