Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Holy Picture Theft SDAI-MAN! What was That!

SDAI-MAN: "Nothing to fear Blogin, we simply experienced an image server problem for a week, but everything's fine now. As a result the SDAI-blog was filled with little red x's in boxes, causing consternation for many readers who thought it was their computers that were malfunctioning. We can reassure them that such an unfortunate situation will not come about again...if we can help it!"

BLOGIN: "Gosh! At first I thought it might be the work of the Riddler, the Joker or perhaps even Teresa Heinz! (sans Kerry) After all, Google has been sending folks all over the world in our direction for months now and she's bound to find the pixellated portrait perplexing!"

SDAI-MAN: "Quite perceptive Blogin! However Ms. Theresa Heinz values the freedoms we share here in America, especially that most sacred of institutions, our freedom of speech! Naturally such a fine outstanding citizen wouldn't dream of abrogating others rights!"

BLOGIN: "Gee SDAI-man! When you put it that way I feel kind of ashamed. You're right. I guess I just thought..."

SDAI-MAN: "You thought wrong old chum, but wait! I'm receiving an incoming message on the SDAI-teletype!"

BLOGIN: "Holy postus interruptus SDAI-man! What's it say?"

SDAI-MAN: "I was afraid of something like this Blogin! We've been cancelled. Our Spielsen Ratings are no longer high enough to keep our sponsors sending bales of money."

BLOGIN: "Holy cash crash! You mean Electrogirl International is pulling the plug?"

SDAI-MAN: "I'm afraid so faithful friend. We have a week to turn the ratings around before we are sold to media interests held by Rupert Murdoch or (shudder) Richard Branson."

BLOGIN: "What'll we do!"

SDAIMAN: "We'll do what we always do...lift the curtains a little bit at a time."

BLOGIN: "But..."

SDAI-MAN: "No buts, Blogin. This will require careful calculation. And yet...can my eyes be deceiving me? Is that the SDAI-signal shining brightly over the city? It is Blogin! It's a message from ELECTROGIRL! We are having a poster contest!"

BLOGIN: "Zounds! What lamebrained idiot thought up that idea?

ELECTROGIRL: "THAT idiot would be ME blogin! And... Oh...did I're SOOOOOOO FIRED!"

BLOGIN: "Holy stupid-foot-in-mouth, blow my career move!"

SDAI-MAN: "Farewell friend. You may find work on some other blog someday."

BLOGIN: "Maybe SDAI-man, but there's never been a blog like this...ever."

SDAI-MAN: "I know old chum. But you'll always have your memories - and an interesting line to add to your resume."


SDAI-MAN: "As easily said as done ELECTROGIRL. Observe..."

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