Wednesday, June 03, 2009

River of Light - Faryl Smith

I don't follow all the talent shows on the tube these days, but this girl was brought to my attention. I rarely promote this type of stuff, but the song River of Light is so clearly inspired, both the lyrics and her delivery of them, that I will gladly make an exception. This is the sort of music that doesn't receive nearly enough attention while the more negatively inspired stuff receives the lion's share.

I would embed the video, but it has been disabled. Even positive inspiration has commercial limitations and constraints - but that's ok. Good needs to be compensated too. So here is a link on youtube:

Faryl Smith - River of Light

The lyrics and sentiment are beautiful and true. Faryl, if you happen to read this, keep choosing the high road. Keep working from inspiration and you will provide everyone who hears you sing with a path to access their own river of light.

And this river of light, inside everyone, will eventually be the guiding force in everyone's daily actions and this sense of positive light and love can grow in strength in one's mind.

Every time, I feel the entertainment industry is completely locked up by the lower elements, something like this comes along to show that it is possible for the medium to still uplift and inspire the very best in each person. Congratulations is also due to Universal Music for recognizing the power of promoting the positive.

Again, Ms. Smith - congratulations. Don't let the dark side of the industry get you down, focus on your abilities and what good they can do. If you keep putting out music that is positively inspired, I will do my bit to promote it.

Oh...and Ms. Faryl Smith is just 13 years old. Yet clearly she has been training on these higher planes to a sizable degree. There are no 'gifts' - each earns their abilites through effort in both this world and this life and many others.

Go ahead and click the link and enjoy.

And afterwords, go ahead and buy the cd and support her as she competes with other elements who are not quite so positively inspired.


  1. Faryl is such a grounded and inspiring artist. I really respect her choice to sticking with classical music and I believe that she can do great things!! I recently saw her on an interview I really think this girl will go way far in her life :)

  2. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Faryl is so talented! Go Faryl!


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