Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fleecing the Sheep

The professional persuaders fleece the sheep every day of their lives. They corral them, feed them, groom them and when the time comes, slaughter them.

The greatest use of persuasion techniques is now used by the media and academia in an effort to manipulate people to believe in what they want them to believe. These two groups understand that any individuals psychological weaknesses are their doorway to controlling his/her life. Controlling people is what this is all about.

The control process is pretty straightforward. It was perfected during the mid-twentieth century and has worked like a charm since that period.

1) Isolate the individual's feelings of guilt and anxiety. Most everyone has some sort of guilt or anxiety. Many have a plethora of them to exploit.

2) Reinforce their guilts and fears & intensify them. This is done by "news" articles, "reports" from professional or government agencies and through television, internet and radio.

At this point the individual is not even aware they have been manipulated. They simply feel they have "watched" the news, read an article or surfed the web. The disquieting influence is long-term and not meant to be built up at once. The environment of fear is created by many little things: Health articles, news reports, opinion pieces and advertising. For children, the anxiety environment is conditioned into them in greater doses with each passing year.

3) Offer the individual some small forms of relief from their anxieties and guilts. This can be as simple as providing "entertainment" (with built in reinforcement for the selfsame anxieties!) Films, television, video games and books all fall in this category of temporary relief.

4) Create dissatisfaction within the masses regarding the status quo. This is primarily the job of academia and the media. They must build up a complete sense of dissatisfaction with the way things currently are. News articles and school curriculum must always emphasize the negative and bring it to the forefront. Change is the key operative word here. Alluding to some future change which will improve the persons life is of paramount importance in preparing them for the next step. Most school children by the time they enter college are perfectly ripe for this philosophy. They are the easiest to manipulate. Breeding dissatisfaction and distrust within their young minds is easy. If the schools and media have done their job properly, the individual will be begging for change and will participate in anything that promises to bring it.

5) Offer the masses a target for change. This is manifested today by "man-made global warming", the removal of a political party from power, the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor, paradigms of existing morality, etc. These are goals that can occupy the person's spare time. They are offered up as changes which will bring the masses relief from their insecurities and guilts.

At this point, you have a large segment of the population under your control - and all effortlessly. You have convinced these individuals to do your bidding and accept the reality you have created for them. They can be made violent, controlled and guided from this point forward into doing anything you want them to do, provided you keep rewarding them with temporary relief from the same insecurities and guilts you have created and grown within them.

The isolated bushman, or jungle native has none of these fears or insecurities. He has no great desire for change and knows a contentedness that is the byproduct of having been isolated from the professional persuaders.

The average westerner on the other hand, is overloaded with them. As a result the average westerner is neurotic more often than not and this neurosis is constantly exploited.

Take a look at your own life. Look at your fears, anxieties and guilts. Look at the changes you seek in the world around you. Look at your satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the world. If you are honest with yourself you will realize that you have been duped. Your mindset is the byproduct of much of these professional persuaders and that, indeed, much of your life has been directed by these controlling influences and proffered relief.

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