Monday, September 11, 2006

Vacationing in Iran - Part II

The C130H Raptor control and command center over the Caspian Sea has been ordered to instruct certain Special Forces already in Iran to converge on Kasht-E-Kavir desert area. Our hosts will provide round the clock security until we figure out what to do with this - the greatest archaeological discovery in the history of mankind. We are en route back to Shamballa and I get on the horn with ODIN himself.

"I have a speech to make and not much time. I've got the images in front of me here on my desk. What's the situation?"

"Sir we need to crossover with Project MIMIR. We've got an artifact here that is priceless and very important. There's technology here too - and it's working."

"Fine. I'll have the papers signed and processed within 24 hours and you'll have whatever resources you feel are necessary. You're sure...working?"

"Yes sir. Working. It's incredible and I'll give you a full briefing in 12 hours after we lock down the prize. Oh, and good luck on the speech."

"Thanks. They expect a high Nielsen on this one. Anyways, I expect your complete briefing in 12 hours. No later."


I disconnect my headset and try to relax. The images that flowed through my mind are still as vivid as earlier and I cannot shake them. This is the big one. This is the breakthrough we have awaited a lifetime for. The discovery every archaeologist would sell their soul to the devil for, just to claim as their own.

Mach 5 is turbulent. The reason SDAI has not yet activated the Borealis is because it's experiencing serious technical problems. Vortical turbulence at Mach 6 is beyond considerable and the prototypes are constantly being reskinned to perfect flight stability. The loss of two prototypes and a test crew has not helped things.

We navigate over ocean and into the Gulf of Mexico. Then a quick dash across the southwest. The blues of the gulf are always a treat as we race over the US Virgin Islands.

Soon we are back at Shamballa. Good news travels fast and already the laptop on my desk announces that 100 million in operating budget has been made available and that the Chief Scientist from MIMIR has left two e-mails. Several small artifacts we brought back from Iran are going to be laser-measured, cast-molded, imaged and indexed before they undergo rigorous lab testing. Shamballa is in a flurry of activity and as I enter the conference room I see the entire series of videos and images upon the walls and being replayed on monitors for the first batch of analysts.

These analysts all have IQs upwards of 150 and all work for SDAI. After having excelling in other branches and seeking more of a challenge, they arrive here eager to prove their mettle. Here they get to take on the most daunting tasks and the work environment is one in which constantly spurs advanced thought and out-of-the-box thinking.

Some of these kids I've already given nicknames. There's Jimmy Neutron the physics wiz-kid who can also speak fluent Japanese and seven other languages. He designed an atomic powered replacement to the SS manned orbiter capable of planet surveying in his spare time and is also responsible for a novel inter-earth communication system that avoids all detection and data loss.

Encyclopedia Brown is the walking encyclopedia and knows everything mankind has ever recorded. Asking him a question will supply you an answer faster than Google or Yahoo. He has a photographic memory and several other heightened abilities that were discovered when he was the first person ever to score 100% on the Agency's PSYESP test. And unlike Google he can plug apparently disparate items together and find their common link.

Then we have Isis. If you ever saw the original TV show back in the seventies, with the cheesy plots and hokey special effects - you would see that this girl is a dead ringer for Isis - I mean really! One of these days I'm going to give her an amulet to wear around her neck. She's a cryptologist slash linguist slash hierology expert. If anyone can crack the glyphs found in the flame room it's Isis.

All are already working on the data. Meanwhile, I want to decipher the images I saw in my mind.

My office is my sanctuary. It has all the comforts of home should I require them. Books, objets d' art, and recorded history sits on the shelves and a mini-fridge and a microwave are built into a handsome birch cabinet. Whereupon sits a circa eighties-vintage Krups coffemaker, when they still made them to last, and a permanent pleasant aroma. A daybed offers me a place to crash if I need too. But mostly I like to sit at my desk in this big leather chair and kick my feet up on my desk and think.

I create a mental list:

A) Alien visitations pre-dating earth history in the Iranian desert.
B) Alien "flame of life" installed on multiple planets by aliens.
C) Alien technology defies all known science.
D) Flame itself transfers data - but selectively?
1) Why didn't flame influence Iranian nomad?
E) Room that offers Earth's true history.
1) What was meant by "true" - implies concealment or misdirection?
F) Where did aliens come from? Where are they now?
G) Do aliens and/or other worlds harboring similar flames constitute threat?
H) Why did I pass out when I touched the flame?
I) Is the flame dangerous?

I see it all in my mind just as if it were written down somewhere. If I am going to brief ODIN in a few hours, I want to have it clear in my mind.

I keep bouncing back to the images of the strange city. Everything crystalline in appearance and colorful like a city made of jems. Tall beings 10 or 11 feet tall reside there. Is this the flame-builders homeworld? Is this a city they built on earth? If so what happened to it? Is it Churchward's Mu?

Many questions. Let's hope in a few hours the team has already made some progress with the glyphs.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy some fresh brewed hot roasted java.

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