Sunday, May 14, 2006

The illusion

While part of me types in these words in a keyboard, it is just the smallest and least representative portion of my consciousness distributed through the vehicle of a physical anatomy. I'm not really human, you see. I long ago graduated from Humanity and similar forms of expression and the larger part of my consciousness resides in a world made up of pure energy. If I need to travel anywhere, a thought takes me there. In a true sense - I am everywhere.

This sort of existence seems unfathomable. Humanity is accustomed to thought interaction based upon physical realities. The body acts as a host for thinking, but, for much of humanity, thinking is mostly a reactionary expression to external stimuli. A spouse to procreate with, a home to live in, a car to travel in, food to eat and air to breathe are the basis for a normal physical life. Countless experiences are able to be learned through such expression. The fundamental beginnings to understand what life is begin with the thoughts that accompany physical interaction with one's environment.

Soul evolution begins with the concept of personal identification. Beings realize they are unique and they have control over their actions, thoughts and direction. Realizing others individuality and concern for their well being as well as ones own is part of this growth of human spirit. A trillion squared experiences thoughts and decisions lie between humanity and graduation.

At a certain point you will realize that your arm, hands, body and head are not really you. They are just tools to gather data and express in turn. The physical anatomy is a machine that is used to interact within a certain environment, much like a car lets you navigate the roads or a plane the skies, a physical body is the tool for a terrestrial world.

Once one understands this, one does not fear death, for there is no such thing. One does not put undue importance upon material things in general, because one realizes their temporal nature and learns to appreciate all things in a more balanced manner.

Youth, beauty, wealth & wisdom are all relative. Each is a concept that must be mastered to move forward. After enough repetitive lifetimes with purely material goals, needs and desires the mind soon learns that these goals are not sufficient. Comfort, security, emotional flattery are no longer good enough. One's own comfort and needs mean less and less, almost to the point of nothingness.

The introverted, selfish expression that is humanity experiences a metamorphosis as it grows and "human" souls express more completely without physical bodies which are chained to earth and limited to a handful of senses. Even the most talented aid worker can only help a few people at a time, comfort only so many with their actions and educate so many with their words. When one is not constrained by physical bonds, one can inspire an infinite number, assist the same amount and communicate simultaneously with more beings than can be imagined. Ones help takes new forms and is no longer limited by the extremely finite capacity of the human anatomy.

Humanity is just one such soul-breeding ground. In this infinite universe there are an infinite numbers of stepping off platforms for soul development. As can be expected, humanity is just the tiniest fraction of physical, atomic-based sentience in the universe. You will evolve to interact with beings who have vastly disparate origins, yes many which will seem unfathomable. Sentient nebula gases, suns with populations of trillions of beings, the list is endless. Humanity is conditioned to interact with the materials found on earth. Man combines them and shapes them and gives new meaning to these configurations. A home is so much wood, concrete and mortar and yet many disparate atom-based beings would look at the earth as so many elements and never discern the sentience behind our modern cities and everything we have built. Much as we would peer out at a sun with our telescopes and could never fathom any life surviving or existing in this form, much less a sophisticated sentient society.

And so it is through much of the physical universe - sentience oblivious to the existence of other sentience. Only from the spiritual side is the panorama of material sentience lifted and one sees the wondrous, infinite diversity of that spark of infinity encapsulated into individuality.

When one returns to the human form or a similar physical expression, one returns to the limited parameters of such expression and ones thoughts are inundated by the common denominator which such society has developed. Like crawling into a cupboard and closing the door, one tends to lose perspective. Suddenly selfishness, material desires, procreative impulses, emotional fulfillment become paramount to each action and thoughts revolve around such goals the way planets orbit stars. To cast these things aside can not be done in entirety, because these things are the very fabric of human existence. Instead, one learns to moderate them and minimize them with wisdom one has previously imbibed into ones greater soul-consciousness.

Then, and only then, can one be "in the world but not of it." Then can one defy the parameters and limitations of a material-biased society to interact with other humans at a level which is less mundane, finite and limited. It is in this way one can speak directly to the masses of humanity as one of them, sharing the same world and observing the same events while retaining ones acquired infinite heritage. One can assist others who are mired in the material goals and means and point out a new and brighter world that awaits their discovery and participation.

But the infinite universe will only become your home to the extent within which you can understand, relate and achieve purpose within it. This is why you must master your relationships, emotionalism, hates & dislikes and petty selfish desires in this world. Once such mastery is accomplished you will find yourself on other worlds - through the principle of frequency relationship. You will move up the ladder of worlds and forms to become ever more competent and expressive in ways completely unknown to the five human senses. Eventually you will be able to help an infinite number of souls on their journeys, and you will do this by default as a part and parcel of the new being which you have evolved into. It will seem as normal as breathing, eating and working do to you now.

I look forward to that day when you, too, graduate as I have watched countless others. And I am not alone, no more than are you alone. I am just one of an infinite number who have so graduated.

I am merely the one who comes back to the old Alma-Mater to give a speech now and then.


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