Monday, January 23, 2006

5 DIMENSIONS - an introduction to "Bright Matter"

Time for another cosmological, advanced physics lesson.

Today we are going to introduce the 5th dimension. 3 dimensions of space plus time are the current four most interface with, but these are just the beginning of the energy ladder.

Today most scientists agree there is some component of the universe missing from their theories and assumptions. The matter they observe seems to be influenced by other unseen forces and they cannot fathom what these forces might be or where they could be found.

Well today, I hope to shed some light and end the groping around in the darkness.

The 5th dimension is very real. It is all around us at once, but we cannot see it and most all cannot interface with it. This is because it is composed of energy oscillating at apparently impossibly high frequencies with apparently no wavelength to speak of. It is omni-directional energy.

To help illustrate I have created a graphic that shows how 3rd dimensional atomic structures and their oscillating energy components are eventually supplanted by this new 5th dimensional energy that can travel back and forward in time and to which 3rd dimensional space can be accessed all at once.

Here we go:


That graphic will obviously not be too easy to understand. It requires you to first interpret all the apparently solid atomic structures around you as moving energy with frequency and wavelength. Then it requires you to conceive that all this energy is moving along a path and that this path, and the changes made by this energy is actually time.

Finally it requires understanding the idea of energy movement via waveform unification. Or in technical terms the replacement of uni-directional, sinusoidal energy motion with omni-directional energy motion.

It wont mean much to most right now. To introduce it at this point is not premature though. Those of you readers who are needling me for such apparently esoteric data now have some meatier morsels for consumption.

In the future, I will explain just how important this "bright matter" is to the 3 dimensions of space and time and what this adjoining spectra holds for humanity and consciousness.

You will find that living in 5 dimensions is vastly more enjoyable, enriching, entertaining (and challenging) than just 4.


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