Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell Serves Rush Limbaugh -Why? Religion!

The Achilles heal of conservatism is the religious segment. Limbaugh's Easter Broadcast about Jesus was turned back on him by Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC, you can watch the video here on RCP.

This is a great example of why religion and politics don't mix. Watching Rush bluster about Jesus and then watching O'Donnell's almost sardonic joy in plastering him with their own book is a classic example of religious conservatism backfiring.

The truth is, the bible and conservatism don't mix. The bible is an almost entirely fictional book put together originally by two Greek scholars from the tales of an illiterate former Roman soldier who suffered from heat exhaustion added to tracts from the old Babylonian religion and its god named Jahweh, now renamed Jehovah.

Just as fundamentalist Islam creates a nightmare of ignorance in the Middle East, so do religious conservatives and their belief provide an equal growing nightmare in the United States. We've already had government by Christianity - it was called the dark ages and had a Holy See instead of a Supreme Court and had inquisitions instead of trials. There was no President only a Pope. It was a failure of the grandest scale and caused more murder, torture, suffering and poverty than anything seen before or since, excepting perhaps Stalin's pogroms.

Here we see the well educated O'Donnell relish in turning religion back at Rush. And why? Because Jesus was anti-materialism, what's more he was anti-church and was vehemently opposed to those who prayed in synagogues and temples. Jesus would be disgusted by every church-going Christian for not listening to his words. The scary thing is those who have actually read the bible from cover to cover know this. Churchgoers by their very actions illustrate they haven't read their own bible.

So when the religious right contaminate conservative politics with their mumbo-jumbo, it backfires. And before the religious right get all irate or call me godless, I know far more about true spirituality, the soul, heaven and hell than is contained in the bible. I know true morality and don't limit my list of sins to what Moses scrawled down on two rocks to impress followers and then proceed to pour molten gold down their throats when he catches them worshipping other gods than his own creation.

No, the bible is a book filled with violence, perversion, rape, molestation and murder - a classic image of the time it was written. It's various authors over the centuries failed to realize that the combining of these two tracts - the Babylonian Old Testament detailing the murderous, cruel exploits of Jahweh and the New Testament describing Jesus and his loving, merciful God didn't quite fit together - in fact such a merger is an epic fail of the grandest proportions and has been used to enslave the minds of billions of people over the past two thousand years.

And now MSNBC's O'Donnell can use the bible to justify taxing capital producers through the roof - because indeed, Jesus was against material possessions. Jesus was also against forcing people to do anything...but O'Donnell conveniently ignores that point.

If we all lived like Jesus wanted us to, there would be no government, no churches and we would voluntarily give our money and wealth to those in need.

I don't see that happening anytime soon. The liberals and socialists want their government and the power it gives them to loot and the religionists want the churches and the power it gives over the uneducated and well intentioned who misconstrue and reinterpret Jesus' words every single day in every church in the world.

It's time for conservatives to reclaim their agenda and distance the religious zealots and fanatics whose agenda is a disastrous one for the United States.

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